ASH Point Program

About ASH Point

ASH Point is a system that rewards users for their contributions to the AshSwap development journey, by completing quests and reaching milestones. In addition, Ash Point is also an important factor that helps you increase your chances of having WL of AshSwap’s Airdrop campaign.

Are you ready to try it out?

How to earn ASH Points

You can earn ASH Points by performing transactions and inviting others to AshSwap. Points are linked to an address and Twitter, or Discord account.

Here are your objectives:

  • 400 Points for each daily transaction you do (max 8 per day), they are:

    1. exchange

    2. addLiquidity

    3. removeLiquidity

    4. enterFarm

    5. exitFarm

    6. claimRewards

    7. increase_amount (gov stake)

    8. increase_unlock_time (gov stake)

  • Help to share AshSwap’s article:

    • 300 Points with every Medium/blog post from AshSwap
    • 2000 Points with the posts from Custom Quest
    • After sharing posts, please kindly fill in the form here to record your sharing: (form is closed)
  • 10k+ Points: For discovering issues and reporting them in our Bug Report, you’ll get points depending on the issue’s severity! Report link:

Bonus Reward

Besides the regular quest, we also have other quests where users can earn more reward

  • Streak Quest: you can check-in in Quest UI for accumulating the date, and when it reaches a certain level, you will be able to claim more.
  • Custom Quest: we will create some seasonal quests where you will need to finish the challenge to earn the bonus point, the detailed quest will be described on each Custom Quest.


Discord Role Point Conversion Rate

We appreciate all the support from our community from the beginning, and in order to tribute the support of you guys, we have a bonus point with your equivalent Discord Role as below:

  • Testnet User: 30,000 ASH Point
  • Supporter = 40,000 ASH Point
  • Early Supporter = 50,000 ASH Point
  • Moderator = 280,000 ASH Point
  • MVP role = 5,000 ASH Point

Please kindly fill in your info to this form to record your role, we will double check & add the points to your account within 7 days after the form close: (form is closed)

Note: this is the role of the old users in our Discord community; at this time we do not distribute any new role.

User Guide

1. Connect Maiar Wallet into AshSwap DEX

2. Click the quest button

3. Connect your Twitter account (at least 1 month old) or Discord account (which already joined AshSwap Discord Community (

4. Check the list of current quest list and complete them; them click “Claim” to take your ASH Point reward



While joining the Ash Point Program on, please kindly note note that you need to claim the Faucet first to get the necessary token.

Read the guide about the Faucet that we prepared here:

Be Aware of

We do not DM you first without a head-up in the public channel. Be careful!



What is AshSwap?

AshSwap is the very first stable-swap, an undoubtedly essential pillar in any DeFi ecosystem, built on the MultiversX blockchain. Our ultimate vision is to serve as an infrastructure for the sustainable development of DeFi on MultiversX.

Not only does AshSwap inherit the ideas from its predecessors, but it also introduces new and novel concepts to tackle the current problems in DeFi. The ASH token has many more use cases than just farming rewards and voting power representation.

What is MultiversX?

MultiversX is a highly scalable, secure and decentralized blockchain network  created to enable radically new applications, for users, businesses, society, and the new metaverse frontier.

What wallets can users use?

AshSwap is built on MultiversX, AshSwap users will use the Maiar wallet while using our protocol.

Visit to install the Maiar wallet.

AshSwap Token Utility
  • Stable-Swap
  • Revenue Sharing
  • DAO Voting Right
  • Farming
  • Yield Boosting

That helps:

  • Reduce selling pressure & create constant buying pressure
  • Bring benefits to long-term holders
  • Create revenue stream
How to get Devnet Token

You can claim AshSwap devnet token at

Please note that you will need dEGLD as gas fee.

Faucet detailed guide:

ASH Point Program

What is ASH point Program?

ASH Point Program is a system that rewards users for their contributions to the AshSwap development journey, by completing quests and reaching milestones, users will receive ASH Points.

How can I earn ASH Points?

You can get Ash Points in those three ways: – Complete the Daily quests – Complete Custom quests – Complete Streak Quest

What is ASH Point utility?
  • Increase the change to have AshSwap Airdrop Whitelist
  • Redeem Special Roles on AshSwap’s Discord Community
  • Have the opportunity to appear in honor of individuals who have actively contributed to the AshSwap project in the community.
  • And many other interesting use cases in our next ASH Point update
When the mainnet is launched, will the ASH Point system still work?
  • Besides the profit users can earn on the exchange, we also want to give them more value, hence the ASH Point Program will remain the same on our mainnet, all the data will be converted after the launch


Bug report

For bugs that occur during product testing, you can send a bug report to us through this form:

I'm having a problem and need help!

For the fastest help, join our Discord, and then send your help request to the 💻・support channel or raise your problem on AshSwap Global Telegram, our admins will quickly show up and fix the problem for you.

Link to join Discord:

Link to join Telegram:

I don't know how to use AshSwap DEX features

Don’t worry. We have prepared a use guide for you. Check out our Features Walkthrough for an overview of the features. After that, you can view the detailed manuals of each feature one by one in the menu bar on the left.

Features Walkthrough doc:

How to Get Role in Discord?

At this time, we do not continue to distribute the roles there; you can wait for our further update about this.

I can not connect with ASH Point Program

Try Another Account
  • Let’s sync your computer time with the global time & try again.


Guide for Window:

Guide for MacOS:


  • The Twitter account need to have at least 1 month old; the Discord handle need to be in AshSwap Discord community.
  • Try resetting the internet modem and try again.
Can not click "Register" button

It can be because some extensions you’re using blocked the Captcha.

Some solutions you can try:

  • Use the incognito mode without extension and try connect again.
  • Temporary disable running extensions & try connecting again.

I can not Complete the Quest

The quest "extend lock period in governance pool 1 time" does not work for me

Let’s extend the lock duration for at least 1 week

About AshSwap

AshSwap is the first decentralized exchange built on the MultiversX blockchain that allows users to trade between stable assets with high volume and small slippage. As Elrond grows to become the infrastructure of DeFi, more types of stablecoins will flow in, and users will need a place to swap them.

Website | Discord | Twitter | Telegram | Medium

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